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Love our service, or your money back. No questions asked.

All synKro products and services come with a 30-day money back guarantee! The 30 day period starts when your service is activated and your payment method is charged, not when you registered for service and placed your order.

Should you, for any reason, wish to terminate your synKro services during your first 30 days of service, just call our Customer Service number at 1-844-883-1659 (24x7) and state that you wish to cancel your service. The customer service representative will take your request -- and we will also ask you if there's anything we can do to make it right! You will receive a ticket number which will confirm your request by email. YOUR INTERNET SERVICE WILL TERMINATE AT THE END OF YOUR PRE-PAID PERIOD.

If your equipment was professionally installed, our scheduling department will contact you to set up time for the technician to come to your home and remove the outdoor modem with its wiring with minimal impact to your premises. We will pick up the Wi-Fi router and power supply. You or a responsible adult must be home and will be asked to sign a receipt.

If you did your own installation we will send you a prepaid shipping label which can be used to return the equipment. The equipment must be shipped within 14 days and received within 30 days and be packaged properly to prevent damage.

NOTE: Failure to return the equipment within the time specified may result in a charge to your credit card on file for the value of the equipment which will be specified in the email you will receive. Note that this amount can reach $400 or more with additional sales tax applied.

There are no refunds on:

  • Any new account set up fee(s) plus taxes.
  • Your installation fee (professional installation or self-installation) plus taxes.

Refunds will be applied to the original payment method upon removal of the devices by the technician (professional installation) or receipt of the equipment (for self-installation).